Middle School (Y6-8)

Building a Foundation for Future Learning & Life

Engaging with the world on the pressing questions of our time.


Our Middle School program (Years 6–8) builds an important foundation for future learning and life by motivating our students to rise to new levels of social and intellectual maturity and responsibility. Our rigorous academic program stresses active learning, and is responsive to the specific needs of early adolescents. Classes emphasize the development of critical reading, writing and thinking abilities; analytical and research skills; scientific and mathematical reasoning; literacy in another language; and expertise in the responsible use of technology.

We help our students see and understand themselves as unique individuals within a wider community, and give them ample opportunity to develop their own passions and engage with the world around them. They create theater productions, take instrumental or vocal music classes, compete on athletic teams, and develop leadership within the school. They ponder such questions as “What is human nature? How does a society adapt to rapid social change? What do texts reveal about the experiences and values of the societies from which they come? How can scientific knowledge result in decisions that lead to change in a community?”

Our Advisory System

We provide each student with an advocate and academic guide who serves as an important link between home and school. Our academic schedule includes time for students, teachers, and advisors to conference frequently, working with students on life skills such as time management, organization, conflict resolution, study strategies, decision making, and peer relationships.


Our Curriculum Reflects Our
Core Values




Creativity & Curiosity

Project-Based Approach