Responsive to your child's unique learning style

We work closely with parents to create individual learning plans that are challenging yet achievable, and tailored to your child’s strengths, interests, personality, and approach to learning.


The future is rapidly changing and old ways of learning are insufficient to meet the challenges of our time. Today’s students must understand how to use information in rigorous and novel ways. Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and cultural literacy are not mere buzzwords, but essential parts of learning– and leading – in our global world. Our curriculum centers on four key components:

Student-Centered Learning

Using open-ended problems that require critical thinking, and role plays that apply learning to real-world contexts, we put students at the center of the learning process.

Project-Based Learning

Giving students the opportunity to select, plan, investigate, and produce a product, presentation, or performance that answers a real-world question or responds to an authentic challenge.

Extracurricular Activities

Developing teamwork and leadership skills by honing creativity, communication, and self-expression both inside and outside of the classroom.

Service Learning

Giving back to the community in a way that allows for life-changing experiences, life-long commitments, and incomparable opportunities for leadership, teamwork, and personal growth.

Whether your child is an English Language Learner, academically-gifted, or has special education needs, he or she will thrive at KLIS.

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